Generating internet traffic

E-traffic/pay-per-click package

the best tool for your visibility

As a group, you should also work on your online image and ensure that you are visible on the portals that attract the most national and international guests. Your marketing investments on the portals of our network stimulate the occupancy rate of the different parks based on what they have left to rent, at different times of the season.

Increase traffic and conversions

The E-traffic/ Pay-Per-Click Package attracts customers thanks to the power of SEO – natural referencing – partner websites, thanks to our SEA – investments – traffic acquisition and the animation of blogs and social media.

We use all our experience to send a satisfied guest, who is ready to book, to your website.

A managed budget and 0% commission

With the click formula, you manage your investment. The cost per click is fixed and varies only in a search with or without date. In addition, you are visible online until you have no budget left. All double clicks within 7 minutes are not charged and there are no commissions!

Clarity about the evolution of the budget guaranteed and a guarantee that the budget is only used when the park has availability.

No extra work

When you update your details in our Secureholiday system like the pictures, the partner websites are also updated in all searches.

No extra work for you, you save time!

Publicity opportunities for the visibility of your group

If you want to improve the publicity of your group / chain, we can also offer you publicity options (banners, pop-up, etc) and you will notice that in the conversion rate!

Référencement Camping

Gain new guests

Thanks to highly targeted campaigns and in-depth referencing work, we bring you the most relevant guests for the destinations you offer.

Increase traffic and turnover

The internet visitors we send you are highly qualified, which means that these people have a high conversion rate once they arrive on the website of the chosen park.

Visibility in Europe

The partner websites in our network do not only bring you Dutch, but also Belgian, German, French, British, Danish and Italian guests.

the Ctoutvert websites

The partner websites

Included services

  • Free training over the phone
  • Receive and display reviews
  • Connection to important PMS systems
  • Activation of the payment method bank transfer

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