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Our CRM tool is linked to the Secureholiday system and gives you the possibility to stay in touch with your guests throughout the year. You can send newsletters based on their booking habits, but also based on your needs to fill the planning.

Thanks to a very intuitive interface page and at the same time very attractive and commercial display, our CRM supports you in four areas:

When your guests are on site your whole workday revolves around them, but it is important to stay in touch throughout the year. Why? This is important to build a long-term relationship with your guests, to anticipate your rental, to offer other accommodations and to keep you in their mind!

It is important to increase your customer base and reach as many people as possible. It could be that a regular guest does not book for a year and like this you have other potential guests in reserve or to offer stays in the low season instead of the high season.

By having a good overview of your occupancy, you know when you need to make changes. Early booking might be popular now but a lot of people also book last minute. Because of this it is important to know how you are doing to anticipate this.

Every guest thinks about their next holiday at a different time and in a different way. This may depend on his wishes or school holidays.

Our CRM system allows you to communicate with your guests based on their purchasing behaviour according to their previously made bookings.

Sending the right holiday proposal to the right person, at the right time according to their preferences, allows you to significantly improve the impact of your actions and your conversion rate.
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With this tool you can invest each year less in marketing and still find new guests.
Keep in touch with your guests and potential guests all year round.

How does it work

  • Send newsletters with holiday proposals based on their profile and purchasing behaviour.
  • Send newsletters to share news or information
  • Manage and send e-mails about stays after the reservation has been made
  • Follow up on the conversion rate of the sent newsletters
  • Dashboard with the follow-up of your season
  • Contact widget and its follow-up

Included services

  • Free training over the phone
  • Free helpdesk
  • All functions and new developments without extra costs
  • The import of your data from your PMS
  • Creating guest profiles
  • Management of your guests and duplicates
  • The contact widgets

For more information

Nadine Vergé

  Extra services

Don’t have time for it? We offer an advisory service that will do the work for you, but with your confirmation of course!

  • Create a communication plan at the beginning of the year
  • Setting up and sending the newsletters
  • Writing and translating the newsletters
  • Yearly overview