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To increase your visibility and reputation you can also use intermediaries and tour operators. These partners can sometimes market you to specific audiences or help optimize your occupancy.

Ctoutvert offers you the most loyal and best working partners on the market, so that you can manage everything easily from one system.


The partners on the European market, such as ACSI in the Netherlands, Pincamp | ADAC and in Germany, are known players and they have an interesting commission percentage and good visibility. With these partners, you maintain the customer contact and receive the money directly.

Tour operator

Use the strength of European tour operators like Suncamp, Camping and Co, Camping Vision and others. With these partnerships, the TOs will receive the money and they will maintain customer contact until the day of arrival.


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  • Renting out the camping pitches and rental accommodations that you indicate.
  • You receive the money immediately and you pay the commission later (with before the stay and with the others after it).
  • Your general terms and conditions and cancellation policy apply, as do your payment methods.
  • The commission is between 8% and 12% depending on the partner.
  • Renting out the camping pitches and rental accommodations that you indicate.

  • The TO will receive the money and you will receive the money after departure from the guest – commission is immediately calculated and deducted – on presentation of your invoice.

  • The general terms and conditions and cancellation policy of the TO apply (this also applies in case of complaints and for the customer contact).

  • The commission is between 15% and 20% based on the partner.


A large network of intermediaries and TO's with an easy management of stock from your Secureholiday interface.

Included services

  • Free explanation over de phone
  • Free helpdesk
  • All functions and new developments without extra costs
  • A connection to the most important PMS systems
  • Activation of the payment method bank transfer

how does it work?

  • Sales with stock and firm booking from a separate stock that you create and manage from your Secureholiday interface
  • Stock marketplace: the partners use the created stock and distribute it among themselves.
  • Rental of your camping pitches and/or rental accommodations
  • Stock can be updated at any time
  • Sign the contract directly with the desired TO or intermediary
  • Link with the availability of other partners to avoid any overbooking
  • Connection to the most important PMS systems

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