PMS connections

PMS connections


To make it easier for you on a daily basis, we have developed connections to the largest back-office systems.

Secureholiday connection

Through this connection Secureholiday will be linked to your PMS for the following functions:

1. Automatic update of the availabilities: you no longer have to update the availabilities manually. These are imported automatically from your PMS.

2.The check in the reservation tunnel during the booking: when a guest is making a booking, Secureholiday will check with the PMS if the stay is still available before he can finish his booking.

3.The automatic integration of bookings: when a booking is confirmed, it will be integrated automatically in your PMS so that you do not have to enter it manually.

When is this link useful? If you use our online booking system, or the online visibility or for the Channel Manager.

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the SECUREHOLIDAY connections

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