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With more and more competitors on the market, guests becoming more demanding and many distribution channels communicating, it is very important that your group / chain is noticed.

You must differentiate yourself from other groups and chains, set up actions to conquer guests, while building loyalty to satisfy everyone.

The force of a group/chain is based on the reputation of its brand, on the strength of its marketing campaigns and on the consolidating of the customer base.

An effective CRM tool should allow each member to benefit from the strength and expertise of the group / chain and help the group to benefit from the loyal customers of the different parks. 

Keeping in touch with guests all year round is a crucial and time-consuming work. With our CRM you can manage the relationship with you customers at various key moments, whether it is before or after booking and you can do all this in an automated way at group level.

You save time, in relevance and performance, while building customer loyalty over time.

Having loyal customers is good, but having loyal customers and adding new customers is even better! Why? To increase your customer base and always have a guest on hand when one of your markets is experiencing difficulties. Increase the offer!

We provide you with contact acquisition widgets that expand your customer base. In addition, you can import new customer files at any time from other operations or events that you start within your chain.

There was once a world where in January you already had a good overview of the bookings of the season. This world is gone: Now, it is very important now to rely on all possible tools and throughout the season to get more and faster bookings.

Our CRM is powerful and advanced and guarantees accurate and comprehensive marketing actions depending on the time of the season, the different destinations and the different needs to fill up your parks.

The power of the brand, at the service of its members. The richness of a shared database. The relevance of targeted and shared actions, throughout the year.
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The newsletters can contain discount codes, in the form of a pre-sale or to give a discount to your customers to make them feel “special”.
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The power of the network on behalf of its members for a coherent and shared communication strategy.

The functions in short

  • Send newsletters with stay proposals based on their profile and purchasing behaviour.
  • Send newsletters to share news or information.
  • Send e-mails about stays after the reservation has been made.
  • Track the conversion rate of the newsletters sent
  • A dashboard to follow up your season
  • A contact widget and its follow-up

Included services

  • Free explanation over de phone
  • Free helpdesk
  • All functions and new developments without extra costs
  • The import of all the information through the PMS
  • The creation of the guest profiles
  • Management of your guests and the double guests
  • The contact widgets

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