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The E-Traffic/Pay-Per-Click Package makes your campsite/holiday park visible on the best camping websites in Europe. This means your campsite will be well displayed in searches.

The goal is to generate as much traffic as possible to your own website and to refer as many qualified guests as possible so they can book their stay.

Our editorial team and our SEO experts have been able to bring our websites to the top 10 search sites in Europe.

Take advantage of this good reputation to increase your visibility with vacationers looking for a place to spend their holiday!

With the click formula you manage your investment. The amount you pay per click is fixed and only varies with a search with or without date. You are online visible until you have no budget left.

The investment is very interesting with € 1 invested you will receive € 17 turnover.

Every visit to your website is registered and the click is calculated. All double clicks within 7 minutes are not calculated. This is checked based on the search query and the IP address.

All data is retrieved from the Secureholiday system. You do not have to do anything; we take care of the activation on all the partner websites.

It will be activated within a day!

In the Secureholiday system you have a menu where you can find all clicks. Here you can see which website is bringing the most traffic to your website and what people are searching for the most.

Générateur de trafic Pack Pay-per-Click

New guests

Enhance your visibility on more than 15 European websites for camping stays.

Controlled conversions

Easy follow-up of clicks and tracking of reservations for those who have our booking system.

Manage budget, visitor statistics

A budget with a price per click, direct bookings without commission.

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