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Ctoutvert innovates with , a new portal dedicated to videos that becomes part of our leading marketing service, E-Traffic Pack.

This new project was born out of a very simple acknowledgment: videos are getting more and more important in the holiday booking process since it gives a sample of what’s waiting for customers. That is why we favoured a style that is close to their look as they wander in your establishment’s alleys and that is neither overly controlled nor traditional.

Camping Street View’s concept

Camping Street View teams travel all over Europe to shoot campsites from the inside in order to give your consumers a precise hint of what you have to offer. These unusual shootings offer the best information on your establishment. From the reception desk to the bar via the pool, accommodation, toilet block or beach, web users will discover your site as if they were already there!

The project includes a new website which is entirely dedicated to videos. It will allow E-Traffic Pack subscribers to broadcast their video but also to add new functions (most notably online availability and a link to their own website’s home page). was launched in the beginning of January: its traffic is already very important. We try to improve and add new functions on a daily basis and support the project with a strong Internet advertising campaign.

Other website broadcasting our videos:

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Be part of the adventure!

Book your establishment’s shooting right now: we will start shooting during springtime to broadcast the following summer.

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